February 3, 2008

Sunday Ramblings


Ok tell me I am crazy, but do you see the ghost in the forest?
Here is a close up view.


Like I said maybe I am crazy, but I see a ghostly outline of a lady in a long dress facing sideways with her arm on her hip.
Just so you know...I took this photo today right after my grandson told me he saw a lady in the woods. He told me this about three minutes after we stopped here today.

The woods were behind us as I took the photo of the graves. We were not talking about ghost. We were simply looking around. Just out of no-where my grandson pointed to the woods and told us he wanted to go in there. My daughter asked him if someone was in there..Yes he answered, Who we asked. A lady he replied. Where did she come from we asked..He pointed to the sky. I ask him if it was a ghost. Yes, he said. Needless to say we left. This is not the first time we have been near graveyards to have my grandson suddenly started talking about seeing people that we can't see. I have to admit even with my belief in the paranormal I find it a bit un-nerving. When we got home and I loaded my photos from today the image of the woman was the first thing I saw in the photo. I quietly sat my grandson on my lap and asked him where he saw the lady in the woods at. He pointed right to the same area of the photo that I was seeing the "ghost" in. Shit I thought, so I asked him, Cody what was the lady wearing. Did she have on a dress or pants. A dress he said..hmmm I thought, what color was her dress. Blue he said..Ohh ok I said..Well was the dress up here (pointing to my mid thighs) or was it down here (pointing to my shoes). Down here he said touching the ground..
Ok, now I ask you again. Am I nuts? Or do you see a ghost in my photo?

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