June 2, 2009

Fire Fly From Hell

I'm back from Gettysburg and actually have a few things to report that we found a bit "unexplainable"

Do you remember in the movie Peter Pan, when Tinker Bell first comes in the window and the little boy sees her and starts yelling Fire fly from hell? Well, this is exactly how my daughter felt while in Gettysburg. Everyone had gone inside the cabin but her and she was just standing outside staring into the woods. She said she was seeing what she thought was a campfire. She could clearly see the light. Now no one was camping near us and the woods were not part of the campground so there is no way a fire should have been in that area. She said she stepped off the porch to take a closer look and the light was still there, as she walked toward it, it disappeared and in its place was a ball of light just hovering around the trees. Just about this time I stepped outside to see what she was doing, and as she turned her attention to the sound of the door opening the light was gone. She was quite exacted as she told me what she had seen. I told her I had heard of this type of thing happening before in Gettysburg. I have read several times on the Internet and in books on the hauntings, of people seeing strange lights.
I didn't think anything else about it and we all went to bed. About four A.M. I heard her get up and go outside. Now it was dark and raining so I could not imagine her going far. We had port-potties but they were up the path a bit, so I knew if she had to pee she was probably on the side of the cabin. I waited until I thought she had time to "do her thing" then I went out to check on her. Once again she was staring into the woods. MOM...It is back she exclaimed. I swear to you I saw this BIG ball of light, just dancing around. She went on to tell me that as she went closer to it that it seemed to come closer to her and then start to chase her as she came back towards the cabin. She said it was at lest 6 inches round and there is NO WAY that it was any kind of bug.
My daughter by the way is almost 25 and was not waking up from a night mare. She was fully awake. So what did she see? It depends on if you believe in spirit orbs. I don't think she was much of a believer in any kind of "ghost" before this trip.
Now she will be the first to tell you that it is haunted.
Also while we were there we both heard cannon fire coming from the battlefield. No re-enactments were going on..
We heard voices in the night, and far off singing. (we were not camping near anyone and were in woods backing up to the battlefield. This happened on two different nights when it was well after the ten pm closing of the battlefield and it's roads.)
One night we heard a loud sound. I can't even describe it. At first I thought it was a horse, since there were horses in the area, but it was a horrible sound. More like something or someone in desperate pain.
What ever it was send us running into the cabin.
Is Gettysburg haunted? Do you believe the tales you hear? All I can tell you is what I believe, and what has happened to me...

To be continued



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a life-long love affair with hauntings and ghosts of all kinds. I absolutely love this post and can't wait to read more.
*I have to link this and remember to come here....it's better than watching a ghost story on TV.

6/2/09, 1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Peter Pan quote was in Hook, Spielberg's half-baked attempt a sequel.

I much prefer this Pan continuation novel, based on Barrie's idea for more:
http://www.peterpansneverworld.com/COOL post! :D
[in ghosts, too ;) ]

6/2/09, 3:51 PM  
Blogger Corker2 said...

Yes, I do believe that something like this could very well happen. With all the death and destruction during that battle, almost anything is possible.

6/2/09, 6:04 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Very, very cool and I'm not surprised by any of it as it seems to me that if ever there was a place that was going to be haunted, it would be a battlefield - especially one like Gettysburg.

6/2/09, 8:12 PM  
Blogger Marni said...

Sooo cool. I can't wait to hear more.

6/4/09, 8:14 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Wow, that is fantastic! I'm so envious of your experiences. I have yet to visit Gettysburg, but in truth I'd like to believe it's haunted. I've visited many other battlefields, some claimed to be haunted, I've read the stores, but I've never experienced anything out of the ordinary, or felt anything one way or the other.

6/17/09, 9:09 AM  

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