March 31, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

The phone rang about 10:30 tonight and it was my daughter telling me that my grandson was upset and telling her that there were people in his room. It was no surprise to me since this type of thing has been going on for a while now. It started with the lady in the woods (photo a few weeks ago) and seems to be increasing. Last weekend my daughter took him to the park and he saw the lady again (I think I mentioned this) then the next day we took him to Newport News Park.
During the American Civil War, the current park was the site of the Battle of Dam No. 1, part of the Battle of Yorktown (1862). In the days prior to the battle, the Confederate forces constructed rifle pits and other earth works from which they held off the Union Army forces commanded by Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan. The earth works were preserved; though overgrown with woods, they are accessible from the White Oak nature trail on the camping side of the reservoir.
While we were there he said he "saw two men" sitting down, and then he saw lots of men in the distance.
We told him to tell the men to stay there, and we left. Just as we got to the exit he looked out the window and said. THE MEN, Lots of men....Hurry Mama
Sine then we has ask more questions and he said he plays with kids and also a lady.
Now I am not sure if we need a psychic or a psychiatrist but when my daughter called I knew I had to do something.
I had already been preparing, so my husband and I jumped in the car and went to her house. Her boyfriend is working over night tonight and I knew she was afraid.
When we arrived I went straight to work. I planned on doing a cleansing of the home.
First I told my grandson what we were going to do. I explained that the people he saw had to GO AWAY. He wanted to help, so we started at the front door and place sea salt in all four corners of all the rooms in the house. He really enjoyed this. As we finished each room he jumped up and down yelling yippee. At one point he was making noise hitting the tables and doors. It was his way of saying go away!
Once we finished the salt I lit some sage and once again walked the house, using a special feather to fan the smoke. My grandson help fan. Once we were finished I said in a loud voice. Nothing but good and love can live here. Bad things go away!
He was so excited and with in a few minutes he was ready for bed. I had brought a hematite stone with me and he put that under his pillow. He also wanted to wear my hematite necklace I had on to bed. I left it with him. It is now 1 am, the phone hasn't rang and all is quiet. I am hoping the house cleansing will release any negative energy at my daughters and leave things protected there now. I plan on doing my house this next week. I want to do some cleaning first. I have never had any problems here but I have protection around me all the time. One can never be to safe though so I will still do it. Right now the only annoying thing here is my husband snoring in the other room. Hmmm I wonder if sage will work on him ha ha

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