May 8, 2008

Chit Chat

Well it seems my little Ghost Photo is making it's way around the web. Not only has it been published by two other sites. I now have a professional paranormal photographer taking a look at it. I wrote him a letter and asked if he was interested in viewing a photo and he wrote back this morning and said yes, so it is on the way to him.
Here is his website if you want to check out his other stuff
The Ghost Guy
I'm excited that the photo is getting recognized, because to me it validates that what happened is real and not just the imagination of my grandson.

I want to do some more investigation of the farm and graves, but now with it being summer a lot of people visit the farm, and it will be hard to be alone at the graves and woods near them.
I am going to try getting up really early one morning or either go just before closing one night. I will go during the week and see if that will work out to take some EVP's. It will probably be another week or so before I get to go alone. We are going next week for my grandson's birthday party, but more than likely won't visit the graves that day.

In the mean time I still plan on attending the meeting I have been invited to with one of our local paranormal groups. Hopefully they will decide to do another investigation out there and I can wiggle out an invitation to tag along.

Also I also got a very nice email from Haunted San Diego They have been by this blog and wanted to let me know they had visited. Way cool huh.
Here is some information on them.
Haunted San Diego is an informational web site about ghosts, the paranormal and supernatural. It is not a tour group or paranormal research group. They run a website where people can share stories and have a forum and stuff. Also photo's can be submitted there so I will probably send the photo and story to them.
It's amazing when you start looking around just how many people are interested in the paranormal. I love it. I wish I had started this interest 20 years ago. Just think of all the stuff I have missed out on. Oh well, I am into it now. So look out world!(Spirit World that is)

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