May 2, 2008

Spooky Link

While visiting Encounters With The Unexplained
I found this video on Shadow People of Waverly Hills
It is really freaky so I followed the link Here
For more information on The Waverly Hills Sanatorium.
Check it out. This is one place I am not sure I would want to visit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been down Crawford Road all the way down. When it comes out, it is spelled differently than when you enter it on the Yorktown side. Its not really that far, but the other spelling of Crawford when it comes out is "Crafford" Road. If you enjoy spooky places, on the other side of the road, if you make a left, during the day, there is an old house that has tours. My mother and i went and she said it felt like someone was trying to push her down the stairs. Check it out! :)

8/11/09, 3:10 AM  

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