May 22, 2008

Review of tour at Williamsburg

If you’re planning on going on the Legends, Myths, Mysteries and Ghosts walking tour in Williamsburg expect it to be a waste of time. They say you get what you pay for and we paid 12.00 a ticket. It was worth about $5.00. On a scale of 1-10 this tour was a 4. The only reason I gave it that high is the first story was told in the Wythe House and that is one of the ones I had hoped to get inside of so that excited me. I did like the storyteller in this house, but it had nothing to do with the house. She told a story about a house in Gloucester VA. I plan on looking into it more and won’t spoil it by mentioning yet what it was. Anyway while I was the house I didn’t see or feel anything usual. Nor did hear Lady Ann running up the stairs. (See story on Wythe house)

The next stop was the Governors Mansion where we listened to, two stories. We simply changed rooms and new interpreters told the next story. I thought that sucked because they advertised that we would go to THREE places. The stories they told here again had nothing to do with the house or any house in Williamsburg. These last two were pretty lame and I had a hard time paying attention.. Also they did not allow any photos to be taken inside, and as you can see from the ones below, photos are a waste of time at night.
On the bright side I did get to carry the lantern. No one volunteered when the guide asked for someone so I spoke up. What the heck at lest that was cool. Our tour guide was funny so we did enjoy him and he was real sweet and walked my daughter and I back to the starting point. Along the way he pointed out a house that is suppose to be haunted. I had not heard any stories about it, so I took a photo of it and will do a bit of research on what he told me, so be looking for that later in the week. I understand there is at lest one other walking tour in Colonial Williamsburg. I think it is based on the books Ghost of Williamsburg by L B Taylor Jr. I suspect that will be more to my likening and the only reason I didn't asked for it this time is I thought we would do more walking and get in the homes. Live and learn as they say.
Oh also some weird guy latched on to my daughter. I guess he thought she was cute because he was like a puppy and kept right on her heels. He even jumped in the photo of her that I took. Just goes to show you live people are stranger than the dead ones. Ha Ha.

Me carrying the lantern

Outside the George Wythe house. (daughter with strange guy)

Our group outside the governors mansion
Notice the orbs (or dust depending on what you believe about orbs)

My daughter and I with the guide after the tour.

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