May 19, 2008

A Haunting We Will Go

Ok, So you know how I've been talking about all these haunted buildings in Colonial Williamsburg? Well guess what? I am finally going to get a chance to get inside some of them!!
Yep it's true. Come this Thursday night at 8:30 yours truly along with my brave daughter who I drag everywhere (when hubby doesn't go) and I are going on the Legends, Ghosts, Mysteries, and Myths tour (for some reason that sounds like it should be a Beatles song). Anyway I am sure it will be lame, and I will probably come back disappointed, but hey it is only $12.00 for the ticket so I thought what the heck.
Just to buy a day pass to go up there is something like $40.00 so this is cheap entertainment. I think there are several "ghost" tours up there but this is the only one that you can go into the building. So cross your fingers that there will be activity that night (There are reports that people do see things on these tours).
I have my camera ready and I will be reporting back to you on the evening ASAP.
In the mean time enjoy some more of my stories.

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