February 15, 2009

In The Woods

One of the most haunted places in my area is a place called Old House Woods. I have heard stories about this area for several years so we decided that it was time to check it out...

In the day light that is. With all the stories I had heard I was not about to go here at night.
Here are a few of the most famous stories.

Some of the recurring tales are about British Redcoats, pirates, skeletons in knights armor, mysterious groups of shoveler digging, ghost horses and cows which appear and disappear before one's eyes, a full rigged Spanish galleon which vanishes in thin air, mysterious floating lights in the woods similar to lantern light, and a "Storm Woman" who floats above the pines warning fishermen of impending gales.

Whew, that is enough to scare anyone. As you can see from the photos. These woods look creepy in the daylight.

Looking up and down the road in both directions.

The thick woods.

We didn't stay long and headed instead to the beach area where
Blackbeard, the famous pirate captain supposedly brought some of his treasure here to hide it. He forced several of his men to dig the hole at gunpoint. And then, he shot them, and threw their bodies in the pit with his takings. This is an old pirate superstition that is supposed to protect his treasure from thieves and other adventurers. And some have claimed to have seen men, madly digging in the night,
while another person supervises with his pistol in hand

I've heard the stories of how people digging for the treasure disappear never to be seen again. I wasn't about to take any chances, but.....Ok I confess. I did take one of these pretty shells for a souvenir. Shhhh don't tell anyone. I am not sure how good of a pirate I would make if one of these ghost takes me out to sea on the mysterious ship that has been seen in the area.

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Blogger Linda said...

Yeah ... I don't think I would be brave enough to be anywhere near those woods at night either! Or to be trying to dig up some buried treasure on that beach! Hopefully the shell you took was meaningless and their will be no ghosts coming after you to recover it!

2/16/09, 12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your page a couple of hours ago & I've been reading your posts - Very Very Interesting stuff you have here!!! I've been interesting in the paranormal for a few years now & it seems like I can't get enough of it!
I'm adding your page to my blog roll so I can visit often!
Thanks for all the stories, I've enjoyed scrolling through!!!

2/21/09, 12:38 AM  
Blogger Biddie said...

Those are some creepy looking woods!
I used to go ghost hunting on a regular basis, but it has been quite a while now.
My house has been 'bothered' for some time by a little girly ghost and I try to aviod an sctivity that even mentions ghosts or spirits...I sure do miss it though!

2/21/09, 1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So me and a couple of my friends desided to become Gloucesters gost hunters we went out to old house woods at night (mind you i have never heard the storys of those woods before going out there) we took our flash lights and our camras and proseeded to go into the woods.We took pictures and every one we took had a hounded orbs in it.Then one of my friends was thrown from a croutchin position. He said it felt like someone was holding him down by a foot. Then another one of my friends was standing on a fallen down tree and she was pushed off. Then the same friend dissipeared for almost an hour. she blacked out and was carried of by something or someone when she came to she couldnt remember how she got there after we found her we felt uneasy and like we worn out our welcome so we left in a hurry......

10/21/09, 6:13 PM  

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