January 20, 2009

White House Ghost

As we all know the White House has new residents tonight. Congratulations to President Obama and his family. May you have four years filled with peace,love and hope. May you bring the change this country needs, and may we all come together as one people united the way this country is meant to be....God Bless you as we travel this road together.

Now with that said Let's talk about some past residents. Residents who refuse to leave...Those who linger on and have been seen by countless people.

Yes I am talking about GHOST. Did you know that the White House is one of the most haunted houses in America? One of the most frequent sightings is that of former President Abraham Lincoln. He has been seen near his bedroom (which he never used as a bedroom but as an office)Grace Coolidge,Franklin Roosevelt’s staff members and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands are among those who claim to have seen him.
President Harry Truman claims Lincoln once knocked on his bedroom door and Winston Churchill flatly refused to sleep in the room that was once known as Lincoln’s sleeping chamber. After having sighted the ghost of Lincoln.
Even more modern day Presidents like Richard Nixon were Among the many witnesses to the various sightings of President Lincoln – aside from the ones previously noted – were Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson and Maureen Reagan.
Although the ghost of Abraham Lincoln is said to be the most active –other Ghost are said to reside in the house too.
Presidents Harrison,Andrew Jackson, and John Tyler have been seen.

Presidents are not the only ones who have been said to haunt the home. Reports show, that the wife of President John Adams has been seen." Dolly Madison has been seen in the rose garden on several occasions, and is said to have appeared when Edith Wilson – wife of Woodrow Wilson – made plans to have the rose garden replanted. As the gardeners prepared to go to work, Dolly appeared to them and told them to leave her garden alone and not bother her arrangement. The gardeners were so frightened that they fled in terror and refused to make any changes to the rose garden. To this day, it’s still arranged in the same way as it was when Dolly Madison was alive and well in the White House"
Willie Lincoln, one of the son’s of President Lincoln who died in his childhood at the White House, has been seen by a number of witnesses – including White House staff members
A British Solider has been seen along with The ghost of Major Henry Rathbone, who’d accompanied President Lincoln to the theater on the night of his assassination.
Humans are not the only ghost that have been seen...
a spectral black cat has also been viewed by a multitude of people. According to witnesses, the cat appears in the basement of the White House immediately preceding a national tragedy, such as in the case of the Stock Market crash and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Sighting are not the only thing that happens at the White House..Sometimes only sounds are heard..
Did you know that the screams of President Grover Cleveland wife have been heard. She is the first woman to give birth in the White House and it is said to be be her during the pains of childbirth.
Footsteps have been heard and even the smell of laundry soap are some of the oddities that go on.

Of all of the spirits that are reported to walk the floors of the White House, Abraham Lincoln seems to be the one whose sightings have a specific purpose. His ghost is said to become particularly active during times of war, when he’s seen and heard restlessly pacing the hallways and knocking on bedroom doors throughout the day and night. Also during such times, witnesses tend to see his gaunt figure standing at the window of his bedroom or the Oval Office, looking out over what were once the battlefields during the Civil War.

The fact that Lincoln is sighted so frequently is of particular interest, since both he and his wife – Mary Todd Lincoln – were known to have conducted séances in the White House, in an attempt to contact the spirits of their deceased sons. Both strong believers in the existence of the afterlife, the Lincolns devoted a great deal of time trying to establish contact with the youngsters, and were said to be quite open-minded about interaction between the two planes of existence.

Please note that all of this information was "borrowed" from the Internet and was not written by me personally..

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