April 23, 2008

Check The IV

The following EVP can be found at paranormal.com
Harry is a friend of mine and this is his EVP

"Harry, you can check...Thelma"
I have received several EVPs from my Mom who passed away on Nov 30, 2001. She passed away in a nursing home and there were questions because I had spoken with her that night. She was in excellent health, but had a problem with a nurse that was stealing items from her room. It's not uncommon for things to happen to patients in this situation. There are horror stories about these activities. I told my cousin that I wanted to check on this. Here's one of three messages I received from Mom. My name is Harry and her name is Thelma. The message says: "Harry, you can check... Thelma." And when played in reverse, it saye, "Quick, check the IV (intravenous) – Harry D. Flagle



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