April 14, 2008

Ghost Alley-Fort Monroe

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The Woman in White

A famous area contained within the walls of Ft. Monroe is what they have dubbed as "Ghost Alley." Here is the story of the famous Woman in White ghost story begins. A beautiful woman had married a captain of the military who was nearly twice her age. With her husband being away most of the time, this woman befriended a captain that was closer to her age. The couple became fast friends but soon their friendship was much more than friends. The couple consumated their love for each other. The husband came home only to find the lovers in bed together. The husband became outraged and chased the man off. Still angry, the husband murdered his wife. It is said that her spirit roams ghost alley. Looking for her true love that she had lost on the fateful night. Will she ever find him or will she be doomed to roam the streets of Ghost Alley?

The Ghost Who Hates Roses

In another part of Ghost Alley, stands an officers' home. Past occupants have stated how someone or something detests roses. If a boquet of roses are placed anywhere in the home, the next morning, rose petals are strewn all over the floor. There are no other signs of this strange act and no one knows who is doing it. Perhaps a scorned lover has decided the roses are a grim reminder of the love they had lost and in a fit of rage, rips the petals off. Nothing like holding onto the past and taking the anger out onto the living of the present.

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Blogger laura said...

I too live in Hampton Roads and I am taking some family members to Fort Monroe this weekend to do a little ghost hunting. Any recommendations?

Curious in Hampton

5/8/09, 3:38 PM  

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