April 4, 2008

Ghost Man

She orginial post at Ghost Lady

Today We took my grandson back to the farm where he had seen the "ghost lady". Cody would not let us go to the grave yard. He immediately started talking about the lady and said no that she said we could not go to the graves. I went anyway and he called me back and said No...she would hurt me.
We left and I found the lady I had been in contact with a few weeks ago and talked to her. She didn't offer much in the way of information and would not commit to say if she saw the apparitions in the photo I had. She did give me a little information on the paranormal group she heads, stating that they were licensed and bonded. Similar to TAPS. I felt like that is probably why she didn't comment to much, because she felt like I might try to use it and say that they said it was a "real ghost". I respected that so I didn't push. Anyway she did say that she had seen things out there, that once she saw a little boy and another time an old farmer..Both disappeared. She also said that an old storage building is where an old train station use to be so it was part of that.
When we took Cody over there he said he saw a man sitting down. Then he said the man wanted a coke, and said he walked across the interstate. He told me to tell the man to get out of the road.
A few minutes later he started chasing the man and yelled out for the man to stop and hold his hand. He skipped along as if he had his hand in someone's. Then as Rebecca and I approached the "man" seemed to run away and Cody chased him yelling hold my hand, hold my hand, and saying I will catch him, he repeated that about five times then he said I got him. Mama Momo I got him. Now Mama you get him.
The man again ran away and for about 10 minutes we went through weeds and bramble bush to the waters edge. He insisted he was seeing a man. He also told us that the lady was in a boat. He cried when we made him leave and said he wanted to bring the papa to his house. We told him no that he had to stay and Cody said he liked him and cried. Once we got back on the main path he walked in a field pouring coke out every few feet saying that he was giving it to the people in the holes. He stopped about every 6 ft. We told him again to tell the papa to stay and he told him to go lay down....
The entire time I had a recorder on and Cody insisted on holding it himself.
About three minutes into the tape Cody was alone and we can hear him say. Are you here, are you here..hide


Click on the link above and download the file for yourself
Warning, it is a long file and will take about 15 minutes to listen to all of it, but if your a believer in the paranormal it is worth it.
I am going to put some photos in a seperate post

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