May 27, 2008

My Personal Experience

Warning, this is a slightly long post, but please read it all you won’t be sorry.

Have you ever noticed when you talk to other people that you either believe in ghost or you don’t? According to a 2003 Harris Report (sorry I couldn’t find a current one) 51 % of all adults believe in them.
Out of those numbers I am not sure how many people have actually had a paranormal experience, but it got me to thinking
Why do some people see things and others don’t.

I would love to see a ghost. Yet I can’t seem to see a darn thing. I visit all the local haunts. I ramble through the graveyards. I always have my little voice recorder and my courage (ha ha) I rarely go out of the house without my camera in case “something” is there. Yes I know I took that really awesome photo of the lady and man at the tree but if my grandson hadn’t told me he “saw her” I wouldn’t have the photo. But I want to see something. Feel something. Hear a noise anything. Darn the luck I can’t even get a breeze half the time. As for EVP’s if I’m lucky I might get a slight whisper on a recording that might or might not be something. Yet I can watch shows like Ghost Hunters (Yes I know that is on TV and they have a zillion dollar budget with all the best equipment) and they get awesome stuff.
I never have any luck…….
Well, hmmm there is that “one time” that something happened to me. I suppose I should tell you about……Do you want to hear it? You do? Ok, clap your hands together really fast and say. I DO BELIEVE I DO BELIEVE I DO I DO (oh wait that is for fairies, oh well use your imagination, it might work for both)

My one and only experience with a “ghost” came when I was working at the information booth at a large mall in a near by city.
You see the mall I was working at is haunted. I even knew it was haunted. I had talked to some people who had worked there for years, and I had heard all the stories. I just didn’t believe them, until “something” convinced me other wise. Before I tell you what happened to me let me give you a little background.
When this mall being built back in the 1980’s one of the workers fell off the roof and died before he reached the hospital. Also a former security guard died while working there (I am not sure if he died in the mall or not, so the person in the food court might have been him not clear on this part) but someone had a heart attack in the food court and died. The food court is on the second floor so the mall and is built in the shape of a square so there are several hallways.
Also the mall had been remodeled several times taking away a theater that had been on the second floor leaving storage rooms. This left a lot of hallways open.
For years the security guards had talked about strange things happening.
Noises in the back halls. Smells of pipe tobacco late at night when the stores were closed. Feelings of being watched.
Even the mall office workers reported things.
Papers would be moved. Staplers and tape dispenser would not be where they left them; just little things that make you go hmmm.
They all told me it was haunted..
Yeah right I said.

So what happened to change my mind?

One of the security guards and I had got to be pretty good friends. She would stop by everyday to visit when she did her rounds, and as we got to know each other better she told me that she “felt” the ghost. I just brushed her off, and then she told me the same thing again and again. She confessed that she was frightened to go in the back halls by herself.
At the time I really didn’t believe in ghost, but there was that side of me that is the little kid in all of us and I got brave and said…Ok…Show me this “ghost”
So she lead me up the back way behind the food court and into “the halls” We were chatting about other things just walking along when suddenly I just stopped. To this day I don’t know why I stopped, I just did, I looked down at my arms and had chill bumps on them. I think I said something like, oh creepy indicating to my arms, when I noticed hers were the same way. I brushed it off as my imagination and kept walking. We got to the part of the hall where she said she “felt” something. I looked around, Nope, nothing. No chills, no weird feeling, nothing, nada, just a hall. So we started back, and as we turned a corner something really strange happened. All at once I felt hot and cold at the same time. My skin was like ice, yet it felt like my blood was rushing through my body and it was really hot.
I am not sure If that makes sense, but I don’t know how else to explain it. I looked at my arms again and I had chill bumps. The feeling only lasted a few seconds, but I knew something had happened. Something besides us was in that hall. I don’t mind admitting that it frightened me. I got out of there as fast as I could. I worked there for several years after that and it took me a long long time before I would go back into those halls. I never denied that the mall was haunted after that happened and that one experience set me off on the path I am one today….To find the ghost!

I never saw it but I was told there was a photo taken by the mall personnel (It was one of those old fashioned Polaroid's that develop on there own) It was of a child and the Easter bunny. A "man" showed up in the photo and no one else was standing there. The claim is that it was the worker who fell off the roof.
Also I heard about how two female employees of a small store had "seen" an older man in the store one night. They were between him and the door and no one else was in the store. When they turned back around to asked if he needed help he was gone.

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Blogger laura said...

Hey Patty, Laura here from Sew at Sea. I'm glad you stopped by my blog because I love the idea of a ghost hunting blog and I might not have seen yours otherwise. I'm going to catch up on your other stories (but maybe not late at night when I'm alone!).

10/8/09, 9:21 AM  

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