May 31, 2008

The Nelson House

Front of house from street

Back of house from the yard

(Part One)
As I mentioned yesterday I took a quick tour of Yorktown VA. I've been several times, but had not really looked into the haunted history other than to read the stories. This time I went with the intent to explore. My first stop was the Nelson House. Home of Thomas Nelson, Jr. (1738-89) Most of the Nelson House is original, including the bricks and most of the mortar in the outer walls. It is a beautiful home with some lovely gardens and is reputed to be haunted. Reports include a young male entity of a British soldier who was killed in the Siege of Yorktown. His apparition has been seen on occasion in various spots around the house. Footsteps and cold spots, are also reported. The sobbing of a woman was heard coming from an empty third floor room.
We did not go inside, but spent several minutes wandering around the property.
Part Two Coming Soon

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