May 11, 2008

Visiting a local haunt

In all the excitement of the talking about the meeting with the paranormal group, I forgot to mention that I have been working on my stories for the houses in Williamsburg that are suppose to be haunted. My husband and I were up there on Saturday to take some photos. I was able to get shots of about half the houses on my list. Here is my first one.I hope you enjoy hearing about

The George Wythe House

Resembling a small plantation estate the George Wythe House has a laundry, a lumber house, a well, a stable and a kitchen. It also has a kitchen garden and an orchard.
The house was given to George Wythe as a wedding gift from his father in law. George was a lawyer, judge, teacher, and speaker of the House of Delegates. He also signed the declaration of Independence. He died in 1806 after a lingering death due to being poisoned by his grandnephew who wanted to gain his inheritance.
George Washington used the home as his temporary headquarters just prior to the siege of Yorktown. After the siege the home accommodated men wounded during the battle. One of these was a Colonel named Oscar LaBlance. A local woman named Katherine Anderson watched over him day and night. When he was out of danger of dying they made plans to marry. Unfortunately he contacted malaria from one of the other patients and died within a week. Soon after Katherine died from “natural causes”. Rumors said she died of a broken heart.
For decades there have been reports of voices, and shadows of a man in the hall. Also a woman has been seen in one of the bedrooms.
We do not know if George Wythe himself haunts the house, or if it is one of the many soliders who died. Could the lady that has been seen be poor Katherine searching for her true love? Maybe soon I will get a pass and visit the inside

I found the following information about the ghost that haunt this house

The many ghost of the Wythe House

Judge George Wythe- Murdered in Richmond by his grandnephew, George Sweeney. If you sit in the study, you might feel a cold hand feel your brow.
George Washington- Said to stayed there during the time of the Revolutionary War. He is seen in the windows from time to time. In powdered wig and all.
Lady Ann Skipwith- Her ghost is seen on the stairwell on the house. Said to be outraged at a party held at the Governor's Palace. She ran home and broke her shoe. She is said to be seen hobbling on the stairs in a fit of rage.
Governor John Page- He jilted Lady Ann for the company of her sister instead. His ghost is the more revendant of the group. He's the most quite of the group and is rarely seen. He bought the house from the Wythes.

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