May 14, 2010

"The Lady" revisited

As some of you know already my grandson went through a time when he saw spirits/ghost. Several years ago he had contact with one ghost that we lovingly refer to as " The Lady". This lady showed herself to him when he was barely three, and he saw her on at lest three seperate occasions at a local children's petting farm. "The lady" we believe was married to a civil war veteran and they farmed what was at one time land from a local plantation. This gentleman we lovingly refer to as "The Papa" and also showed himself to my grandson. My daugheter and I were both witness to him spending at lest 40 minutes "walking and talking with something"
At three the grandson was not really able to let us know very much about what he saw, but now at 5 he still remembers.
Recently we revisted the farm to see just what those memories still hold.
Upon arrivng at the farm I ask him if we could go visit the Davis Family Cemetery where the family who onece lived here is buried.

As we heading up there my grandson told me that the cemetery was where he saw "the lady". Yes we replied. We ask him if he thought he might see her that day. He wasn't sure but he did go on to tell us that she looked "different" than we did. He ran on ahead of us and into the gates and up to the first grave, where he promtly said to us..I saw her (we had not pointed out the grave in anyway) He then moved to the next grave and said Him Too...

Photo showing my grandson standing by the grave of the "papa"
I was amazed at home much he remember,and even though he didnt "see" anyone there that day. I do believe he was given a special gift.



Blogger Debbie said...

I always enjoy your posts. I think its great he remembers them.


5/15/10, 9:16 AM  
Blogger Above the Norm said...

That is so cool that he remembered what he saw two years earlier.

5/15/10, 7:00 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

I've always heard that spirits are more likely to show themselves to children and obviously they did to your grandson. Hopefully he always keeps those memories and maybe someday he'll be visited again.

5/16/10, 11:00 AM  
Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

not everyone has that special gift..wonder if he will out grow it

5/22/10, 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Courtney Mroch, Director of Paranormal Tourism, Haunt Jaunts said...

Patty, I'm shamefully behind on my blog reading. (Thank goodness you haven't posted much lately.) This was fascinating! I love the pictures of your grandson and the story behind "the Lady." Incredible. Thanks for sharing.

5/26/10, 5:48 PM  

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