June 10, 2010

Gettysburg Trip Reviewed

My trip to Gettysburg over the weekend turned out great as usual. We took our new "ghost box" radio we made from the radio shack 12-587 transistor radio. At first I wasn't sure how we were suppose to be able to "talk" to a spirit using this, but as we played with it awhile I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was working.
It did take a little practice but as I worked with it and ask questions I was finding that the answers I was getting did make sense and they were always given in the same voice. Now you might be wondering what I mean by that so let me explain.
The idea behind the "ghost box" we made is to modify a simple radio so when you set it on scan it does NOT stop on channel but keep scanning. Once locked in place, it will continue to scan until you manually release it. Picture your car radio, as you scan for a station you hear different DJ voices and snips of commercials ETC.  On this "box" it works a little like that..Only we seemed to receive more static, then out of that static we would hear a single word.
For example at one spot I ask..If anyone is here can you give me a name
I heard the names TOM and EMMETT, I also got the words DEVIL ( I was at Devils Den) I heard the words SWORD, ROCK, and a few more in this area
Very interesting to say the lest

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