May 31, 2008

The Moore House

The Moore House, near Yorktown, Virginia. May, 1862 Photographed by John Wood & James F. Gibson and Photo (I took) of how it looks today

The Moore House is another of Yorktown's haunted houses. Located on the battlefields along the river it was built by Lawrence Smith II and sitting on a 500 acre plantation this home was called” Temple Farm." In 1754, Lawrence Smith’s son, Robert, who was the third generation of Smiths to work this farm, inherited this farm. In 1760, due to financial reasons he was forced to sell the family's 500-acre estate to his brother-in-law, Augustine Moore.

During the Revolutionary War, The Moore House and farm was the spot picked by British Commander Cornwallis to sign The Articles of Capitulation to end the Revolutionary War on October 19th, 1781.

During the Revolutionary War. a stray bullet shot and killed Augustine Moore Jr. while he was working the family fields.

Also a local merchant by the name of John Turner, came to watch the shelling of the British Army in Yorktown just days before they surrendered. He was wounded as a result of the shelling and died in his wife's arms. There was nothing she could do to save him. John Turner's remains are buried in the Moore House family graveyard, which is near the Moore House. The dates on the graves are from 1730 - 1800's, the final resting place of the families who lived here.

The manifestations of the entities started making their appearance after the Park Service fully restored the home to its 18th century decor and style.

Sheets on the bed in the master bedroom have been found with indentations as if someone had been sleeping in this bed.
Tour guides showing groups around the home felt that an unseen, friendly presence was overseeing their tour.
Sheets on the beds in the bedrooms on the second floor look like others had slept in them.
In the parlor, there was a depression in a red velvet chair, like someone was sitting there.

I have made two trips to this house this week. The first one was with my daughter and grandson. (Yes, he did tell us he saw something there. He said there was a lady on the porch with my daughter when she posed for a photo, and no, nothing showed up)
I also took a photo on the porch and just as soon as it was snapped I heard a noise. I jumped and got off that porch in a hurry.
The second trip I made was today to take photos of the graves. It was to late the first day to get good photos. I was not as impressed with this home as I was the Nelson House, but it was on my list of places to visit

Me sitting on the steps of the Moore House

Want to buy this beautiful home. You can for only $1,200,000
*est. monthly payment: $5755.69
I found a listing for it while I was doing reasearch on the house...

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