July 9, 2008

Gettysburg Dreaming

My husband and I are totally psyched about our trip to Gettysburg. It is still ten weeks away, but we have our entire trip planned in our heads. Of course you know that 99% of it will include ghost hunting In anticipation of that I ordered this book today. In The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide: Gettysburg & Beyond by Mark Nesbitt.

In The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide: Gettysburg & Beyond, renowned ghost story author,
historian, and paranormal investigator, Mark Nesbitt, explores the world of the paranormal,
focusing on the town of Gettysburg and the infamous battlefields that surround it.
The first half of the book delves into the history and phenomena of “ghosts,” reviews generally
accepted paranormal theories, discusses best “ghost hunting” practices, and presents the reader
with plausible explanations as to why paranormal activity is so prevalent in Gettysburg.
The second half of the book addresses the actual paranormal investigation. Designed to be used in
the field, the town of Gettysburg and the battlefield are divided into six sections. The reader is
provided with historical information, photos, maps, driving directions, and paranormal
investigative tips and techniques unique to each geographic area. Experienced and amateur “ghost
hunters” alike will profit from the advice and guidance offered in this one-of-a-kind book.

We also plan on taking his ghost tour. It has been voted the best ghost tour in America

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Blogger Corker2 said...

One of the things that Eileen and I wanted to do in Gettysburg is take one of those Ghost Tours that are offered. We did, and found it quite interesting. I learned some things about Gettysburg that you would not normally know. Our Guide was great. I also have pictures, somewhere, of this. - Les

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