November 21, 2008

Revisting an old haunt

You may remember me posting last year about the young woman who haunts the Public Records Office in Colonial Williamsburg.
For some reason when I went then I did not photograph the family cemetery, so on Monday while we were there I stopped by to take some photos,
I am reposting the story again for anyone who missed it the first time.
I have never experienced any paranormal activity at this site, but do find the old graves interesting.

Public Records Office

Jones Family Graves

Jones Family Graves

Jones Family Graves

Public Records office

Is the oldest archival building in North America. It once housed important documents. In 1784 it was converted into a grammar school. From 1789-1824 was rental property. In 1824 it was the office for the clerk of Chancery Court. In 1855 was acquired by the neighboring female Academy, which was located on the grounds of the Capital building. And in 1862 southern troops took refuge inside.
Near the turn of the century David Roland Jones and family owned it. They had seven children, and none of the girls married or left home. One of the daughters Edna became restless and when she met a man named John Mince she fell in love. Her father forbids the relationship. They made plans to run away together and meet at the Governors Place, which had burned over a century earlier. . Edna waited until dark and hurried to the meeting. One the way she was struck and killed by a speeding couch. It is thought that her spirit rushed home so that her father would not discover her deception.
Since that night she has been seen roaming the property.. She has also been seen at the Jones family cemetery. Her ghost has been photographed indeed the graveyard where her body rest. Strangers have heard her calling out as they make there way through the property.

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Blogger sk8terchick said...

Now THIS is interesting. This building is directly next to the site of Dora and Cara Armisteads home. Honestly I think the old house has been torn down in recent years, which may explain why you confused it with the other Armistead house.

The old graves are what interest me. As kids growing up in Williamsburg the restored area was our personal playground. As residents we had free passes to ride the buses and to tour most of the houses and of course we snuck into all sorts of places we were not supposed to be.

This was one place that no one dared hop the fence. It had a weird isolated creepy vibe and the fence is tall, like you would have a terrible time getting back out if you needed to. We played in Burton Parish graveyard all the time, but I know of no one who went in here. Your photos invoke the same creepy feeling. It was always padlocked and unkempt inside like somehow it wasn't really something CW wanted to show off. Very curious.

We DID enjoy sleding on the hill behind it when it snowed though.

Priscilla Johnson Anderson

11/27/08, 10:43 PM  

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