April 11, 2008

To answer a question

Suzie ask me an interesting question about our "ghost". Did I want them to stay or go.

I thought Well, as long as they stay on the farm and not follow me or my daughter home. I think they should stay, after all this was there farm for hundreds of years. At this point I don't feel like they are harming anyone. This is after all a children's farm, run by the city and if bad things are not happening there then I think it is ok for them to hang around.

I can't help but wonder though if other kids have seen things and told there parents and no one has come forward and reported it for fear of being laughed at or worst.
Let's face it even in today's society where this type of thing is more widely accepted people still band you as a kook. As for me. I don't care. I say bring it on. I would love to have a full investigation out there. Get your camera's, voice recorders, heat sensors and all the other equipment. Whoo hoo, can you see us now on Taps
Ok back to the serious side.
Suzie also suggested that I talk some more to our friendly ghost asking them to give me some sort of sign as to who they are by making a noise such as a tap. Only problem is this is woods and open field. So short of dropping a tree branch on my head I am not sure what kind of noise they could make. In fact I have been twice with a EPV recorder but so far nothing more than the wind. I do plan on trying agin

In the mean time I am going to do an investigation of a different sorts this weekend.
It has nothing to do with this man and lady and is on an entirely different piece of land.
I will tell you more about it later

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