June 2, 2008

Duddley Diggs House

Dudley Diggs House Yorktown VA

Dudley Diggs inherited this house from his father at age 16. Soon after he married Martha Armistead and they lived happily for ten years. Sadly she died wile giving birth to their second child. Dudley remarried two years later but never forgot his beloved Martha. The story has it that he felt that she never left his side and talked to her spirit in times of trouble.
She is said to haunt this house even today.
While visiting Yorktown over the weekend we walked past the Diggs house. The present owner happened to be out it the yard, and I stuck up a conversation with him. When I asked him about the ghost he was more than happy to talk about her.
He showed me the window to the room where Martha died (last window to the left upstairs in the photo). He went on to tell me that they had moved into the home three years ago and while he himself had never felt or seen anything that the family cat would not go into that bedroom. He also said that his wife feels the percents of Martha and that his brother has seen her coming down the stairs. He said she is very friendly. I talked with him awhile hoping that perhaps he would invite me in, but he didn’t so we moved along.

Second floor window of room where Martha Diggs died in childbirth

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