July 19, 2008

Strange, really strange.

Ok, so I want to know what you think of this. You know how I am obsessing about this trip to Gettysburg right. Well all of last week I searched high and low trying to find a copy of the moive (Which by the way I highly recommend for you Civil War buffs out there). I finally found a copy of the movie at my local Blockbuster and we watched it. Tonight I mentioned to my husband I wanted to see it again, but my grandson was here so we decided instead to find a movie for him. I opened the drawer on my entertainment center that holds my tapes and guess what was there. A tape of none other than GETTYSBURG. Ok your thinking so what is strange about that.
Well, believe it or not, the writting on the tape over is my dad's handwritting.
My dad has been dead three years.
Now don't freak out. I have other tapes that belonged to my dad in there. but I swear I do not remember EVER seeing GETTYSBURG. It wasn't in the back, it was the third one in.I have to ask myself did he put it there, as a way of saying to me on some level. GO, no matter what Go.

Strange I say...Really really strange.

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