April 13, 2008

Cornwallis Cave

Yorktown Virginia is where British General Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington, bringing an end to the last major battle of the American Revolution.
Local legend tells us that General Cornwallis hid in this cave on the bank of the York River during the artillery bombardment of Yorktown.
The legends also tell us that this cave is haunted.
Orbs have been photographed and distressing sounds have apparently been heard emanating from within its walls. We tried recording a EVP today and nothing really showed up. If I really use my imagination I think I hear a few whispers, but nothing worth posting. One photo however did show a few orb type lights. (click on next to the last photo to enlarge) It is hard to photograph or try to get voice recordings because the cave is not open to the public, but it was still a interesting place to visit.
Also, the cave does go in further than it looks. The blocked off area is the front of the cave and the other photo shows the cave itself. From what I understand it goes back at lest 10 ft. More than enough room from someone to hide.
Also we climbed on the top and it is very dense and goes off into the woods. As you can see from the last photo, it over looks the river.

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