April 14, 2010

Spooky Places

As you know I always try and find the most haunted area's of Gettysburg to visit (which is almost everywhere in Gettysburg) and since I had to stay an extra few days due to some health problems my husband had, I opted for a night at the Colton Motel. While this is not one of the best motel's in town, it was clean and cheap. It is also suppose to be haunted. This motel sits where the left flank of Pickett's Charge took place on the third and final day of the battle. 12,000 men marched shoulder to shoulder and some of the bloodiest fighting took place where the motel now stands.  It is also directly across the street from the National Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery.Some of  stories that have been reported from this motel claim that showers turn on by themselves, doors lock, beds mysteriously turn down, photo have been taken by guest that show full blown Confederate Soldiers, and even on guest has reported that she saw a Confederate Soldier in her room about three A.M. He was standing in the bathroom doorway where she had left the light on all night. According to the story she woke up freezing cold and when she went to turn off the air (which is just outside the bathroom door) she saw him. As soon as she turned on the light he was gone.
Also mysterious fogs have been seen outside some rooms near the office. (We were next to the office)
While we did not experience any of these things our-self, it does leave me curious enough that I plan on booking this motel again.

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What the heck is this

I've been going through my photos from our weekend in Gettysburg and ran across this one on my husband's camera, I am leaning towards it being a lighting issue but then on the other hand I am thinking hmmm
What do all you other Casper Chasers (locals word for Ghost Hunters) think?
The photo was taken at Culps Hill just a few minutes before I saw the orb.


April 12, 2010

Culp's Hill

Our trip to Gettysburg this time was on a more historic level instead of ghost hunting, but if you follow this blog at all you know I had to have at lest one experience. We did our day thing and then headed out to what I call the most creepy place on the Battlefield. Culp's Hill. This night's adventure left me still feeling the same way. Several other ghost hunters or "Casper Chasers" as some of the locals call us were in the area. I walked off in the direction of Spangler's Spring which is suppose to be haunted by the Woman in White. According to local legend, she is either a Civil War Nurse who comes to the spring in search of water for the wounded men, or a woman who commited sucide after being jilted by her married lover. I like to think she is the nurse, but no matter who she is, more than one person has claims of her existance.
I was standing near the spring taking my first photos. When I put the camera to my eye to look through the shutter I was startled by a white orb. At first my mind would not accept it, and I pushed the camera away. I quickly looked again and there is was, coming closer. Take the picture my mind said and I did just as it moved. This is the result of that photo.

After taking a few more photos I went over to talk to the other ghost hunters and was informed that "something" had thrown a large seed pod at one of them. She went on to tell me that she believed it was the woman in white who she claimed had played with her before. She said that in the past that she had thrown rocks into the woods only to have one thrown back.
It proved to be an interesting night indeed
Here are a few more photos that have orbs in them taken in the area of Culps Hill

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April 9, 2010

Guess what

Guess where I am going for the weekend? GETTYSBURG PA...
ghost stories to follow!