July 26, 2008

Haunted Gettysburg

My books arrived and I have already devoured the first one. Mark Nesbitt is an excellent author and the books are interesting and an easy read. I am making a list of "must see" places to visit. I know for sure that one of them will be the Farnsworth House. My friend Harry who is big into ghost hunting went there about two months ago and highly recommends visiting it. (He actually stayed there). They offer a ghost walk and tour, and I think unless something comes up to change my mind this is the one I will be taking.
Here is some information I found on the web about the place

Gettysburg - Farnsworth House Inn - Considered by many to be one of the MOST haunted houses in America! The first house in Gettysburg to be investigated by renowned psychic Carol Kirkpatrick, as well as Ghost Hunters International, a crew from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Southern California. The crews from "Sightings" (Sci-fi Channel), "Unsolved Mysteries", and The History Channel have done filming here. Mary, a spirit from the Civil War era walks the corridors of the Inn at night. There is also a civilian man carrying a child wrapped in a quilt. You can hear him sobbing in an upstairs room. A midwife is seen watching over a young woman in labor. Three Confederate sharpshooters remain at their posts in the garret of the house. A soldier carries a wounded comrade into the cellar of the house. His voice is heard singing to comfort his dying friend, who dies in the catacombs of the cellar. Cold spots have been detected. "Balls of white energy" were photographed as white "auras" of energy throughout the house. Guests report many strange happenings on their stays here!

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July 24, 2008

Getting the history

They say that the first step to any good investigation is getting the history of the place you are about to investigate. I thought this might be a really good way to learn the history and hear the ghost stories about Gettysburg ahead of time
The first THREE volumns in this series are in route to my house and should be arriving in a few days. Thank you amazon.com for used books! Once I get through these I will order the other two.

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July 23, 2008

Something Strange in this photo

Click on photo to enlarge

Ok tell me if this is my imagination or do you see the back of a Revolutionary War soldier. I see the back of shoulders/backpack, the head and hat and a musket gun. It looks to me as if they were crouched down or perhaps had been hiding behind something that is no longer there. I see it/them just to the right of the slabs that are leaning up against the tree (those slabs by the way are a grave stone). This picture was taken at the same children's farm that my grandson first saw "The Lady". I took it on a recent trip there when I was trying to find the area of the first photo. Where I took this photo is almost if not the exact spot where the first one was taken last summer. Could this be one of the "shadow" people we hear about?
Let me know what you think.

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July 21, 2008

Ghost of Gettysburg


Sneak Peek

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Sneak Peak


Sneak Peek

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July 19, 2008

Strange, really strange.

Ok, so I want to know what you think of this. You know how I am obsessing about this trip to Gettysburg right. Well all of last week I searched high and low trying to find a copy of the moive (Which by the way I highly recommend for you Civil War buffs out there). I finally found a copy of the movie at my local Blockbuster and we watched it. Tonight I mentioned to my husband I wanted to see it again, but my grandson was here so we decided instead to find a movie for him. I opened the drawer on my entertainment center that holds my tapes and guess what was there. A tape of none other than GETTYSBURG. Ok your thinking so what is strange about that.
Well, believe it or not, the writting on the tape over is my dad's handwritting.
My dad has been dead three years.
Now don't freak out. I have other tapes that belonged to my dad in there. but I swear I do not remember EVER seeing GETTYSBURG. It wasn't in the back, it was the third one in.I have to ask myself did he put it there, as a way of saying to me on some level. GO, no matter what Go.

Strange I say...Really really strange.

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July 9, 2008

Gettysburg Dreaming

My husband and I are totally psyched about our trip to Gettysburg. It is still ten weeks away, but we have our entire trip planned in our heads. Of course you know that 99% of it will include ghost hunting In anticipation of that I ordered this book today. In The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide: Gettysburg & Beyond by Mark Nesbitt.

In The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide: Gettysburg & Beyond, renowned ghost story author,
historian, and paranormal investigator, Mark Nesbitt, explores the world of the paranormal,
focusing on the town of Gettysburg and the infamous battlefields that surround it.
The first half of the book delves into the history and phenomena of “ghosts,” reviews generally
accepted paranormal theories, discusses best “ghost hunting” practices, and presents the reader
with plausible explanations as to why paranormal activity is so prevalent in Gettysburg.
The second half of the book addresses the actual paranormal investigation. Designed to be used in
the field, the town of Gettysburg and the battlefield are divided into six sections. The reader is
provided with historical information, photos, maps, driving directions, and paranormal
investigative tips and techniques unique to each geographic area. Experienced and amateur “ghost
hunters” alike will profit from the advice and guidance offered in this one-of-a-kind book.

We also plan on taking his ghost tour. It has been voted the best ghost tour in America

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July 4, 2008

Recommending a book

You may or may not know that I love walking around a battlefield almost as much as I love walking through a cemetery, so when I saw this book on a recent trip to the book store I had to take a closer look.

Although I didn't get the book yesterday because I had already committed my money to others I had wanted for awhile, this book is now on my "Must Have" list.
I did however jot down her web page and if you get a chance drop in and view her photos. Also there are a couple of really good EVP's there.

* Update
I received a very nice letter from Ms. Brown letting me know she now has a blog, go check it out HERE
She has some really great articles on the paranormal there.

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July 2, 2008

Something To Ponder

Look what I saw yesterday.

I was waiting in the car to meet up with the paranormal group when this huge crow landed on the fence about 15 ft away from me. I am not usually superstitious, but I knew a crow can have several different meanings when seen. Some folklore say they are good luck, some bad, so I thought it was interesting when I found this:

Ravens, and to a lesser degree Crows, are very magickal creatures.

Raven with her plumage as dark as the void between the stars, is a citizen of the afterworld. She travels between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Being native to both worlds, Raven naturally has great knowledge and Power to effect transformations.

Raven is associated as a Wicca symbol because of this power to move between the worlds, and create new realities as she chooses.

According to the Medicine Cards "If Raven appears . . . you are about to experience a change in consciousness. ... Raven is the messenger that carries all energy flows of ceremonial magic between the ceremony itself and the intended destination."

Do you think he might have been traveling from one world to the next? It does seem kind of interesting that there was a cemetery on the property doesn't it.
It gives me something to think about.

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2nd ghost hunt

Well the second ghost hunt with my grandson went about the way I expected. Nothing happened. If you remember back last Feb. we visited a local children's farm, and while there visited the graves of the last owners. While at that small cemetery my grandson who was two at the time told us he saw a lady in the woods. We saw no on but when I took a photo of the area this is what I got.

Since then this photo has been shown to anyone who will listen to me talk about it, including a local paranormal group. (Not the one that I went out with over the weekend) This group has shown some interest in my grandson (although they feel the photo is matricking). After several months we finally set up a time for them to meet with him at the same farm in hopes of him seeing something again. It didn't happen this time. I was pretty sure it wouldn't because he seems to have slowed down on these "sightings" of his. I think he is being influenced by his mom (and perhaps others) who are telling him that there are no ghost. Although my daughter is ok with me taking him out ghost hunting, she really and truly does not believe in it. (She thinks it is fun, she just draws the line in agreeing there might be something there)
Anyway, we have been back to this farm several times over the last few months and he has not talked about anything being there. I don't know if what ever he saw has moved on, or simply choosing not to show itself. Others have had personal experiences at this farm and there is talk of it being haunted, but yesterday it was just a quiet place for my grandson to play. (We went in after hours which was great for him, he loved it the cows loved it, everyone loved it but those of us wanting him to see the ghost ha ha). One of the investigators from the group did take lots of photos and those will be analysed in a few days so who knows maybe something will show up, who know. Oh well on to the next hunt....I am thinking about going back to Richmond on Sunday. They have some cool battlefields there and there is a lot more of Hollywood Cemetery I want to see