April 14, 2008

Haunted Yorktown-Grace Church

Cornwallis cave isn't the only place that is haunted in Yorktown Va.
We also visited the historic Grace Church. Originally built in 1697 the church has had several changes. In 1781 it was used as a storage facility by the English troops who broke out the windows and all but destroyed the church. In 1814 it was burned, rebuilt and then burned again during the Civil War. The church was once again rebuilt and is use today.

We did not go into the church itself, having arrived on a Sunday just as morning services were letting out, but we did tour the grave yard. We did not see anything unusual, but local folklore history tells us that there have a phantom Colonial era funeral seen in this same cemetery. The first recorded sighting of this was in 1791.
There are also reports of an apparition woman holding a dead infant inside the church.
It makes me glad we went in the day time.

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