September 14, 2009

A little local Ghost Hunters

This is a recent show from "Ghost Hunters"
This episode was filmed locally at the beautiful Edgewood Plantation. Although I have not been inside I have driven by several times. After watching this show I may have to talk the hubby into a romantic get away weekend.

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September 13, 2009

Haunted Town

Do you think an entire town can be haunted? Well, according to what I have been reading on the Internet the town of Atchison Kansas is.

In fact the Travel Channel has done a special segment called Haunted Town that depicts many of the haunted places in Atchison, including Sallie's House, Benedictine College, and more.

Some of the reports I've read include Atchison Street where a woman once lost control of her horses plunging into the river and drowning. It is said that her voice can be heard calling to those who are walking along the river to come join her.

At Jackson Park an area called Molly’s Hollow where couples go to "park." Is haunted by a young woman named Molly who was found hanging in a tree. Her killer was never found. In addition to Molly’s chilling cries, many witnesses also claim to have seen a ghostly figure hanging in the tree where her body was discovered.

A Kearny & 5th Street Home is said to be haunted by a friendly ghost. Not only has the ghost been known to help the gentleman owner into his over coat, but the lady of the house while out of town commented that she would love a cup of tea. When she arrived home, she found a cup, saucer, tea bag, and spoon were sitting on the counter and the tea kettle was on.

A North 2nd Street house is know as Sallie's, the Heartland Ghost home.– Sallie, the “Heartland Ghost,” is said to haunt this house that once belonged to a local doctor. The tale of Sallie’s ghost has been featured three times on the popular 1990’s paranormal television show Sightings, as well as Unexplained Mysteries. Sallie is a six year old child that died in the house. For more information on this house visit The Sallie House

To learn more about the town of Atchison Kansas Visit here